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In the Fischer family home, a seemingly small detail holds immense significance. With the parents' bedroom situated on the third floor, stair movement becomes a frequent occurrence. Our design journey began with a fundamental question: How can a railing not only provide safety but also create meaningful spaces within the home?


We found our answer in the unconventional planning of the staircase elements, carving out small yet impactful areas for shelving. Crafted from iron, the railing serves as more than just a safety feature; it acts as a storytelling element, weaving together the narrative of fleeting moments. From this pivotal detail emerged the project's concept: to design a continuous iron railing that seamlessly integrates spaces for books, art pieces, and natural greenery


 Mini installation |  ​2019

LOCATION:  Zichron Yahajov
STATUS: Completed
COLLABORATION: with Komorebi

Instaletion- Libery Rail -Concept schem
Instaletion- Libery Rail -PLAN CONCEPT-0
גרם 1- מבט למעלה לעציץ-2.jpg
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