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מבט עבודה ספה.jpg


12sqm\7  |  ​2020

LOCATION:  Gezer, Israel
STATUS: Progress

The house, while not necessarily small in size, caters to the minimalist lifestyle and thus requires thoughtful planning, solutions, and design precision to optimize the space for its inhabitants. Designed for a family of seven with a religious lifestyle, the house features double amenities such as two sinks, two dishwashers, and two ovens. In addition to accommodating a large extended family, there was a need to create a workspace where no room previously existed, all without expanding the existing terrace

מבט_אי עבודה וספה סופי.jpg
פרט מדרגות זום.jpg


The challenge was to create a versatile space that accommodates the needs of a large family without expanding the existing layout. This involved designing a multifunctional area to serve as a restful retreat, play zone, and private space for the child. Additionally, the family room was optimized with a storage cabinet doubling as a library to maximize space for hosting gatherings, reflecting the family's hospitality.

פינת משפחה-שרפרף כחול וגיבסנית-.jpg
מטבח זום צד סופי2.jpg
מטבח קדימה- ימין.jpg
מטבח קדימה-לאינסטה.png
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